Newsletter - Why Tennis Ball Hockey?

Why Tennis Ball Hockey?

Why Tennis Ball Hockey?
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Part of the Turcotte Stickhandling Hockey School's curriculum is a 20-minute session of tennis ball hockey on Thursday.  Many times we are asked why or what is the value of tennis ball hockey.

Tennis ball hockey is probably the best exercise for working the stick and amplifying the fake first then move wide in the opposite direction.  When making the moves on skates, a lot of the kids at an earlier age just rely on their skating ability and neglect to use their fakes and moves to get by an opponent.  As you reach a higher level where skating ability is rather equal, that does NOT work any more.  Tennis ball hockey on shoes forces you to use your fakes and your moves, therefore your stick work really improves since you can only rely on your stickhandling to get by an opponent or to open passing lanes.  Your balance, your coordination, your pass receiving and passing, your vision, and your decision making are all going to improve because skating is not an option...only your excellent stickhandling.


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