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Hockey School Vs. Weekend Tournament

Hockey School Vs. Weekend Tournament
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Weekend tournaments have a purpose and they can be fun at times but it is a fact that the average youth hockey player will handle the puck less than 2 minutes during the whole weekend tournament.

George Kingston, the former NHL coach, conducted a study while he was on the staff at the University of Calgary.  He concluded that in order to get one hour of quality work in practicing Stickhandling, it would require approximately 180 games. 

The USA Hockey staff, during the Tier 1 National Championship reported that top level players at the PeeWee, Bantams and Midgets levels average about 50.91 seconds of puck possession during a game and they are 2 or 3 of the best players on each team.  In an interview with Ken Holland, General Manager of the Detroit Red Wings, he said:

"In an amateur youth hockey game, the lesser talented players may carry th4e puck only 5 to 10 seconds during the whole game.  At that rate they will handle the puck a total of 2-4 minutes the whole season.  Definitely not the way to develop Stickhandling Skills or any skill." Ken Holland confirmed that Skating and Stickhandling are the most important skills for a player to work on:

"When we go looking at players for the NHL draft around age 16, we look for those who skate and handle the puck best.  Defensive zone coverage can be taught on the chalkboard."

Mark Tabrum, the Director of "Coaching Education Program" with USA Hockey said: "Games should only be used as a measuring stick where you evaluate skill development and definitely not where you teach it."

At the Turcotte Stickhandling Hockey School every player handles the puck almost the entire 2 hour session using well designed skills to improve their Stickhandling and Skating Skills.  That is the only way to develop your Stickhandling Skills.  Invest your time and money wisely and join us at the Turcotte Hockey School in order to become a better hockey player and make a difference.  I guarantee it.

Sincerely, Real Turcotte


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