What customers are saying about Turcotte Hockey School

What are customers saying about Turcotte Hockey School? View a sampling of customer testimonials below. To view details on former graduates of Turcotte Stickhandling School, visit our Graduates Page.




Watford City, ND - Summer 2018


I loved that the instructor had no problem stopping us during a drill to correct what we were doing wrong. I also really enjoyed the hockey with the tennis balls and tennis shoes...it makes you appreciate your skates!  


Brandon, MB - Summer 2018


His confidence level is so much greater just after the four days of instruction. He looks forward to applying his new moves on the ice come season time. We will also plan to have him participate in future Turcotte Hockey Camps!   


 Cornwall, ON - Summer 2018


First Turcotte camp. Chris was excellent with all the players and were the other instructors. My daughter really enjoyed herself.   


Thornhill, ON - Summer 2018


Our 9 year old son just finished his stickhandling camp in Thornhill Ontario.

 This is his third year at the camp, and has continued to improve his skills and abilities thanks to the efforts and enthusiasm of the coaches.

  Richard Joyal and his instructors give excellent instruction and feedback to the players, and the lessons taught in the camp has translated into provided performance and confidence during his league games.

 We would highly recommend any player looking to gain invaluable stickhandling skills, to enroll in this camp.

We're looking forward to attending again next year !! 


 Strongsville, OH - Summer 2018


My son is only 6 and just completed his first full year in mitey mites.  After the first day of the camp I realized that he probably wasn't ready for the level of instruction that this camp provided.  There were many advanced players at this camp.  But both instructors especially the lead instructor treated and worked with my son like he was on the level as the other players.  My son was intimidated after the first day but I really feel after how the coaches made him feel apart of the camp that allowed him to feel good about the camp and what he was learning.   


Oshawa, ON - Summer 2017

The head instructor was simply outstanding. The kids loved this guy. My grandson has been to Turcotte 3 times and on the way home he told me I wish this guy was my coach. The other two instructors were excellent as well.


San Jose, CA - Summer 2017

My son learned various techniques to apply in game situations...the mechanics, thoughts and movements in stickhandling


Scottsdale, AZ - Summer 2017

 Shawn the instructor was great, been to many camps. Never seen someone so hands on. We will be doing this camp every year!


Oshawa, ON - Summer 2017

 Just want to say the camp was really good and the instructors and the boys know their stuff. What I really liked is they corrected the kids when they are doing the drills wrong and show them the correct way of doing it and why.  The instructor always there an hour before the camp starts and he's well organized and takes control of the camp. My son loved the drills and I can see the improvement in his Stickhandling and his confidence with the stick, me as a parent is money well spent and one of the best hockey camp I have been to. I will sure recommend Turcotte Camps to other parents, I give the entire camp 5 stars


Liverpool, NS - Summer 2016 

 I have to say that your group has reached the bar and exceeded it by miles. The talent that you have sent to Liverpool is simply Amazing. To watch the Instructors on the ice especially Olivier, one word, unreal. 



Kitchener, ON - Summer 2016

My husband and I were around all week and watched the entire session. We were very impressed with the drills that the kids did and the help of the instructors when the kids needed it as well as encouragement for a job well done. I know our son learned a lot this week and we saw improvement and confidence even after the first day. We felt throughout the week there was a good pace to the session so the kids didn't get bored and they weren't exhausted by the end, I'm sure it is not easy to find that balance



Bridgeport, CT - Summer 2016

We just returned from your Complete Stickhandling clinic in Bridgeport, CT.  Our son had a fabulous time!  It was fun and he learned so much.



Strongsville, OH  - Summer 2015 

Yesterday I watched my son complete his first day of tryouts for the upcoming season. I was somewhat surprised (and also entirely thrilled) to see him use skills that he learned in camp! And after the session, he said, Mom, did you see me blow past that kid?! Did you see me skate through?! Did you see me keep distance?! It was worth every penny! Thank you!



Thornhill, ON - Summer 2015 

Lots of good moves taught during the week. Good progression from basic to more advanced. Fun scrimmages. The instructors were easy to get along with and a lot of fun.



Richmond, BC  - Summer 2015 

My son loves all the stick handling moves he learned. My daughter loves the mini games. I love all the instructors (especially Shane). He was so helpful with my daughter (leftie). She was a bit overwhelmed on her first day. But was having a blast on her 2nd day and learned so much at the end of the camp. Really appreciate the instructors taking their time to stop individual players and show them the 'right' moves.



Strongsville, OH  - Summer 2015 

I had two boys of my own attend and brought a third teammate. It was very evident the difference between day 1 and day 5. Instructors were all very good and took great care to breakdown the moves. Coach Garrett stood out as the best one-on-one instructor. He more often skated in front of the kids and showed them in same direction and showed the move in real time same orientation. Success rate of the move while doing this was significantly higher. I was very pleased with every aspect of the camp. Thank you.



North Bay, ON  - Summer 2015 

As a parent we noticed a great deal of improvement in our son's ability to handle the puck. Simple instructions like keeping his head up, and to keep moving were very helpful. We will practice some of these drills on the outdoor rink this winter. Thanks so much.


Livermore, CA - Summer 2015 

This was an excellent program. My sons stick handling improved and he is applying what he learned. The Instructors were top notch!


North Charleston, SC - Summer 2015 

The instructors were completely friendly and approachable. I feel as though they each really took the time to speak with each parent to address the individual needs of each player. Though it was a "group" camp, there was also a lot of one on one time between the instructors and parents, which made me feel as though the same thing was happening on the ice. Great experience all around. 



North Bay, ON - Summer 2015

I just wanted to let you know that my boys love love love your hockey camp.  They participated in the one in North Bay this week and they were so disappointed that today was the last day.  My boys have participated in many hockey camps throughout the years and this was their favorite one.  We will definitely be participating again next summer!!  And if you do another one during the winter let me know please.




Fremont, CA – Summer 2015


I just want to thank you so much for the amazing week my son has had at hockey camp.  Not only has his stickhandling improved dramatically, his confidence has just blossomed while working with you.  Your love of the game and patience in working with him, have left a lasting impression on him.  It was awesome to watch him enjoy his time on the ice, interact with each of you, and just love every minute.  As a mom, I could not have asked for a better camp experience for him - he couldn’t wait to arrive in the morning; he had the biggest smile leaving each day, and was excited to return again.  I cannot thank you enough - we truly hope to see each of you again - please do let us know when the camp will return - he will be there!! 




Renton, WA – Summer 2014

                My son said he enjoyed learning the new stickhandling moves, so of which he has already used it in 3 on 3 class. He thinks it was really neat to be able to see how fast his shots were. He loved the camp and wants to do it again!!



Bellmore, NY – Summer 2014

                   This was the best camp my son has attended. The instructors made the session fun and interesting. I believe it definitely improved my sons stickhandling skills as well as gave him more confidence handling the puck.


Scottsdale, AZ – Summer 2014

               Ryan was one of your coaches and he was so wonderful with the kids. My oldest son who is 8 was trying to write down and remember the moves. He      asked Ryan for some help and he went above and beyond and made my kids day! It was such a positive experience! The chatter among the parents was all positive also. They really like the camp. Many come to the camp because of the feedback from other parents or they saw other kids that improved so much from last year’s camp and had to make it this year!



Glenview, IL – Summer 2014

  Thank, Turcotte is the best stickhandling school. Our son is the best stick handler on his team thanks for all the years at Turcotte!



Marlborough, MA – Summer 2014

             Great clinic! It exceeded my expectations. Coach Bobby was very well prepared knowledgeable and organized as were all the coaches. They spent a lot of time and care in demonstrating and correcting the kids which was great. Thanks to all the coaches! My son will definitely be back!


Saskatoon, SK – Summer 2014

        Great cam, worth every cent! Our son enjoyed it and left feeling more confident in his stickhandling skills then he went in with! Highly recommended, the instructor was very knowledgeable and patient and his passion for teaching the game of hockey was evident!



Courtaney, BC – Summer 2014

          I loved this camp so much that my parents signed me up for another camp an hour away. I will definitely be signing up for more next year as well! Thank  you for a great experience! Cheers, to all the amazing coaches!



Andover, MA – Summer 2014 

As a parent, I really liked the player to instructor ratio. I liked how the instructors stopped my daughter and showed her the correct way, even after several group instructions. She got it, just took a little individual attention. I was very impressed.



Warroad, MN – Summer 2014

My three boys all came to camp with different needs and expectations of what they wanted to get out of it. They all feel like they are better than they were going into camp and they all have practical skills that they know how to work into their game and why. We have some of the smallest kids on the ice in their age groups and this camp was a real great equalizer for them.


Burlington, VT - Summer 2014

My grandson attended the session on stick handling last week in South Burlington, Vermont.  I can't say enough about what a great experience this was for him.  He's attended other camps but this by far was the best. Excellent coaching.  I particularly liked the one-on-one coaching style. Each coach took the time to stop and explain how something should be done if a player was doing something wrong or struggling to complete a drill. Coaches also demonstrated the technique, before having the skater try it again.  So much more effective than simply feeding back areas that the person needs to work on a report card at the end of the week like other camps do.  We saw a big improvement in our grandson's stick handling skills. A big thank you to Nick and the other coaches!   I'll be sure to spread the word on what a great camp this is.



Kamloops, BC - Summer 2013

My son had a great time. He had a lot of fun and enjoyed it immensely. He likes to show me his moves and has been practicing. He was exhausted by the end of the week so he was working hard! Every instructor was GREAT! They all spoke very well with my son. Being only7, he takes a little more for it to sink in and the coaches were supportive, understanding and took the time with my son so that he got it. Sometimes it is easy to brush off the younger kids, but the Turcotte team took the time to explain it to him and make sure he got it. He is looking forward to using some of the moves in an upcoming camp. I will be telling other parents about the benefits of the camp for the next year! Thanks again!



Winnipeg, MB - Summer 2013

It was great that Real was the lead instructor. He is great with the kids and has the patients of a saint. My son can't wait to implement the new stick handling moves. Thanks again!



Orland Park, IL - Summer 2013

The instructors were very helpful, and all the moves I learned were fun to learn. I am using them as much as possible as the season goes on.



Parksville, BC - Summer 2013

I had so much fun I talked my parents into doing the next session.



 Andover, MA - Summer 2013

Loved that the kids were moving all the time. Fun drills and not a lot of standing around. My kids had a great time!



Santa Rosa, CA - Summer 2013

Our two boys ages 6 & 8 have attended a bunch of hockey camps and clinics this summer but this was by far their favorite. The instructors were great with kids of all levels and really made it fun. We appreciated the parents meeting as well as the detailed report card. We only wish you can here more often!! Great Job!




Amos, QC - Summer 2013

I noticed a big difference in my sons puck handling skills, and look forward to a new hockey season. My son will be attending your hockey school in 2014. Thank you!




Alliston, ON - Summer 2013

Thank you all, my son had such a fun week and learned so much. He plays goalie but still took part and enjoyed full session. It helped him, play with some many levels of players, it diffidently made a big difference.



Verona, WI - Summer 2013

Overall my son really enjoyed the camp and wants to do it again! The improvement he noticed right away has given him a new desire to improve his game even more and practice more often. He has already put his new skills to work he is seeing how important put handling actually is!




Sarnia, ON - Summer 2013

Every minute was well payed for. They never stopped while on the ice.




London, ON - Summer 2013

I would put my son in it again and also mention to others to take it. Over all great experience for my Son.




New York - Summer 2013

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the Turcotte Hockey School stickhandling camp.  Both of my sons truly enjoyed Turcotte's program, and we will be registering them for the advanced class in August.  Coach Bobby D. and his crew are really special.  I loved how they all took the time to TEACH each and every student by showing them how to perform the drills correctly.





Michigan - Summer 2012

I wanted to let you know how much my son, Dylan (age 11), benefited from the Turcotte clinic.  Dylan attended the clinics in Troy and Traverse City, Michigan this past summer.   He received excellent instruction, particularly from Mike Nodler.  He and his team have started out very well this season, and it is clear to me how much he learned and has implemented from the Turcotte clinics. His confidence has grown and he is actually using stickhandling moves that he learned at the clinics to great success. Thanks so much for everything.




Windsor, ON - Summer 2012

We need to commend your camp for the amazing impact it has had on our three children.  We have put them in a variety of hockey camps and clinics over the past 2 years, and they confidently concur your camp was the most beneficial!  We see the increased stickhandling skills now on the ice in their new seasons.  Your instructors were excellent, and the skills they acquired have brought many positive comments from both parents and coaches.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!




Winnipeg, MB - Summer 2012

 I would like to say that, as a parent it was an absolute pleasure to have my son in your camp. The coach to kid ratio was perfect and the interactions between coach to kid was done at their eye level. They were stern when they needed to be and fun and playful to lighten things up. My son absolutely loved this camp, he had a smile on this face the entire time. We have been to a few different camps over the years and this was our favorite. As a parent, I appreciated the parent meeting, so that we were kept in the loop and informed on why you do what you do. My son Sam is practicing his stickhandling moves in the garage and looking forward to next year. Thanks again for a positive, fun experience.



Coral Springs, FL - Summer, 2012

Thanks for taking the time to get feedback. I truly appreciate your technique, technique, technique.... For my 6 year old, he just needs more coaches like Gus. We look forward to the next camp. Thank you Coach Turcotte, for creating a camp and maintaining a high quality of coaches to do the camp.

Thornhill, ON - Summer 2012

We accidentally registered with your organization for 3 camps this summer. Originally,I thought to myself oops! Hope this is not a mistake! Well Ethan just completed his first week and he has had an amazing time. He especially loved the "tennis hockey"!!! My husband and I took turns taking Ethan to camp this week. We stay at the rink because he is only 7 years old and needs "a little" supervision off the ice and he still needs help getting dressed. I have to tell you we felt this has been one of the best organized camps Ethan has attended. The number of participants was perfect, this is clearly not a money grab. 

The instructors were wonderful with the kids, there was correction on the ice at all times, they looked engaged and continually watched the children. I thought at one point today - these guys are enjoying themselves teaching and being there is clearly not a chore for them. I honestly do not think I have seen this level of attention given to each child on the ice at any of our previous camps!

Ethan lives and breathes hockey and he is absolutely thrilled he is attending two more of your camps. So are we! Glad I made a little oopsie!!!!! Thank you all so much,Ethan has learnt a lot , keep up the great work!

-Fiona and Darius

Waterloo, ON - Summer 2012

We just wanted to send a note to thank you all for a great week for our boys Desmond and Hunter, as well as our nephew Jayden. The boys had a fantastic time.  We were a little concerned at first when we saw the age group of the instructors...but as it turned out Tristin, Darby, Ethan and unfortunately I didn't get Alaska's real name so the kids called him Alaska, did a fantastic job.  They were professional, respectful and had complete control of the group.I had the opportunity to have attended your school 24 years ago at your old Compuware facility outside Detroit, this last week did not disappoint and it was all I expected for our boys.Thank you very much and we shall see you next year, guaranteed.

Yvan and Luanne B. & Norm B.

Stillwater, MN - Summer 2012

My husband and I wanted to let you know, just how impressed we are with the instructors at the Stillwater, MN stick handling clinic. Our son Carson is by far the youngest (6 years old) player in camp and your trainers have gone out of their way to encourage, instruct, and teach Carson the great moves that you have implemented in your clinic. 
It is amazing just how much Carson has learned in 4 short days! We have been very impressed with the one on one instruction your coaches give each player. There isn't a player that goes by a coach without a few words of encouragement, a quick reminder, or a pat on the back for a job well done!! Kudos to your program, your trainers, and philosophy. We will be back for your next session and will encourage other families to enroll their children! Please pass our thanks on to Carson's instructors!!

-Tina and Paul

Medicine Hat, AB - Summer 2012

Our family would like to thank the school and the staff for their instruction of our son at the Medicine Hat camp. Our son was only 6 years old and his development everyday got better and better.

Being a scout and part of Hockey Canada, I can honestly say this is by far the best school in regards to skill development for the price. I think what I liked best was the fact that all the instructors, men or women, corrected the kids when they did something wrong, and also gave the kids a sense of pride and attention to detail. This was a group of instructors of all levels whom cared about the kids first and foremost and the treated all of the kids the same. What these kids will take from the camp is skills to work on, and also having a new role model in their life.

You have something very special, and I left the camp excited about next year and finding our son another camp of yours.

Parksville, BC - Summer 2012

This was our first time experiencing The Turcotte Camp - well........ That's the emotional impact I'm looking for from a coach. I mentioned it to Jeff on the last day....keep doing what you're doing....please don't stop.... my son may not be the next Gretzky or Crosby - I know that, but all I want is for him to learn in an exciting way, learn new & fun skills, and to maybe enjoy the game for the rest of his life... and Jeff has restored the FUN in hockey..... Something I have watched, slowly, helplessly and unfortunately dissipate over the past 25 years of my On-Ice Officiating! Well done Turcotte Group - Well done Jeff! for restoring the FUN for my child! 


Kitchener, ON - Summer 2012

I would like to send my sincere appreciation for the opportunity for my son Carlo to attend your camp in Kitchener Ontario.  We drove 10 hrs from Kapuskasing ON to visit my brother in law and attend the camp.  Carlo was a little intimidated at first but the great coaching staff made him feel like part of the bunch. Tristan , Darby, Ethan and Brent were excellent during the week Carlo loved playing for those coaches.  He learned alot of new things and improved on some others.  I am very impressed on how professional and at the same time fun the coaches were with the players. I have already recommended your camp to many people in the Kapuskasing area.  I will be attending you camp next summer for sure.  Carlo was bugging me on the way home if we are going next year to Turcotte stickhandling school. Thank You very much,  it is nice to see a camp that dedicated in making a difference in the development of future hockey players.



Oshawa, ON - Summer 2012

Our son was enrolled in the Peewee/Bantam session in Oshawa, ON. It was well run, fun for the hockey players, and a good balance of skill development and opportunities to show their talents and understanding of the 8 basic moves, as well as some advanced moves. The instructors were personable, knowledgeable, professional, and able to motivate each of their clients.


Winnipeg, MB - Summer 2012

I just wanted to say how impressed my son and I were with the camp. He learned lots and we will definitely be back for years to come. Thanks again to the instructors who did a wonderful job educating and keeping it fun!





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