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In hockey, during the past several years, the emphasis has been placed on individual skills. Coaches at all levels are looking for the skilled hockey players who can control the game and contribute to the team.

Having more than 45 years of experience in conducting hockey schools and also author of the book Search for the Lost Art, Réal Turcotte has designed a systematic approach in the art of stickhandling, passing and shooting that guarantees each individual an improvement in their skills.

Young or old you will definitely enjoy the benefits that the mastery of stickhandling will provide to you.


There are 7 reasons why you should attend our school:

1)   Winning the One on One challenge

2)   Buying time and creating space for yourself in order to make a play. 

3)   Becoming a much better passer and pass receiver

4)   Controlling the game with your playmaking abilities

5)   Increasing your teammates and your own scoring chances

6)   Increasing your confidence level with the puck

7)   Enjoying the game so much more.


Give your son or daughter a chance to develop to their fullest potential and let them experience the fun of learning different stickhandling moves.

Sign up now and find out for yourself the joy of controlling the game. We offer a variety of clinics and sessions designed to help, including: The Complete Approach to Stickhandling & Strictly Stickhandling.

Thank you very much for your wonderful support over the years and I hope to see you at one of our schools.

Best of Luck,
Réal Turcotte



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