Reál Turcotte

Born and raised in the Montreal area, Reál played his Minor and Junior Hockey in the same area until he received a hockey scholarship at Michigan State University (1959-1962). He graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree and later went back to get his Masters Degree.

He taught high school for 18 years and coached successfully at all levels from Minor, Major Junior, and Minor Pro Hockey. He has many championships to his credit, and more importantly, he has developed hundreds of hockey players to reach their goals, whether it was at the NHL or college level.

Reál started his Turcotte Stickhandling Hockey School in 1971, and it has grown throughout the U.S. and Canada, coast to coast.

The well-designed and progressive program has developed outstanding hockey players and is the most successful hockey school in North America. We guarantee your progress and your success.

Reál now lives in the Detroit area with his beautiful and inspirational wife, Carol.

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